Reference Generator News

Sep 14, 2016

So you may or may not know that I made a wee reference generator to help folk out last year, it really is nothing special and litterally just formats the inputted (in-putted?) data into the correct format so you can then copy and paste it into your document. It turns out that the wee bit of code proved quite popular, and was used by lots of folk so I figured that as the IMBA Ninjas page is more for Interactive Media stuff, and me having a moan on the blog, that I'd set up an Unofficial UHI Reference Generator or at

That doesn't mean I'm removing it from this site, just that it might be easier for folk to find rather than having to search imbaninjas all the time.


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  • You get discount in loads of shops online and instore?
  • Hulk Hogans real names is Terry Bollea
  • There are 3 unofficial James Bond films:
    • Casino Royal 1954
    • Casino Royal 1967
    • Never Say Never Again 1983
  • In 2007 A £125,000 campaign to replace Scotland's 'Best Small Country In The World' tag was revealed....'Welcome to Scotland'