End of Week One

Sep 16, 2016

So that's it, as quick as that, ablink of an eye and we are one week down already!

Today we were introduced to our third unit, which is Web Programming, being delivered online and via VC. Had our first VC today and after last year we were a little apprehensive, but with in minutes of the lecture talking to us and discussing what we would be doing that apprehention dissapeared completely (for me at least). The lecturer is full of life and obviously passionate about his unit, and although it's going to be heavy going learning a LOT of new languages/scripting/stuff it looks like it's going to be really interesting and enjoyable.

Image via - https://www.techlila.com/html5-game-development-engines/

Our other two units look equally as challenging, engaging and interesting and, again, they are being delivered by a lecturer who is looking forward to pushing us.

Check back next week for the next enthralling installment... and to see if I have changed my tune and am sitting rocking back and forth in a darkened room muttering about unity, node, canvas and ajax...



  • As a student you can get Amazon Prime FREE for 6 months!
  • You get discount in loads of shops online and instore?
  • Hulk Hogans real names is Terry Bollea
  • There are 3 unofficial James Bond films:
    • Casino Royal 1954
    • Casino Royal 1967
    • Never Say Never Again 1983
  • In 2007 A £125,000 campaign to replace Scotland's 'Best Small Country In The World' tag was revealed....'Welcome to Scotland'