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Jul 12, 2017

Sooooo, you, yes you, my one and only blog follower, I have not been too active this year for a couple of reasons. The first was that as well as starting my 4th year I was also lecturing. Once I finished the lecturing I realised the work load of the course combined with me running my own business and helping the better half to look after our kids wouldn't leave me much time to put the world to rights on here, so here I am to catch ya up!

Gratuitous Deadpool Picture

Soooooo, ah I've done that one already... I did the honours year of my degree, which included recreating Manic Miner as an HTML5 game, I set up an instance on AWS to host the twitter app app I built. Created an augmented reality experience to try and give those with dyspraxia a way of exercising their fine motor skills in an educational manner (this app has since grown arms and legs and is being developed further for general education purposes). I made a cool wee video, staring my daughter and son, exploring special effects influenced by Industrial Light and Magic.

Interviewed a couple of entrepreneurs from the games industry and created a portfolio, and I did a LOT of work in product research and development creating an educational application aimed at nursery school children in an attempt to assist in teaching them the alphabet, numbers, phonics, shapes, colours, facts, rhymes and stories. The app is now being tweaked, added to and enhanced and will be released publicly sometime in the near future.

I also took part in this years Moray Game Jam which is also fun.

I got a chance to test out my two apps and a game at this years XpoNorth in Inverness and was met with brilliantly positive feedback which has spurred me on to try and make the apps and game as polished as possible before release.

Soooooo... there was a lot more to it than I've written above but that's the gist (jist?) of it, and the final results? Well I did ok, Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in Interactive Media! Nae too shabby eh.

So...ooooo.... let's see what comes next, still running a great business and adding services all the time, I want to move into the games (still very new to me) sector and more illustration, but there's gonna be some other exciting things happening soon, check back soon-ish for other info, or have a look at my other sites like

Anyhoo, thanks for reading and I hope this site has been of some amusement and use to you, now I'm off for some chimichangas and a new tattoo.



  • As a student you can get Amazon Prime FREE for 6 months!
  • You get discount in loads of shops online and instore?
  • Hulk Hogans real names is Terry Bollea
  • There are 3 unofficial James Bond films:
    • Casino Royal 1954
    • Casino Royal 1967
    • Never Say Never Again 1983
  • In 2007 A £125,000 campaign to replace Scotland's 'Best Small Country In The World' tag was revealed....'Welcome to Scotland'